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How To: View Active Time Details in BlueCurve Home

Active Time Details is a feature included with BlueCurve Home that provides insight into which apps and websites are being used most by a BlueCurve Home profile. Once activated in a profile, the profile will display how long certain apps and websites... Read more

Shaw Internet Services FAQ

Learn more about Shaw Internet services with our frequently asked questions. Where can I find a list of Shaw’s Internet plans? You can view all of Shaw’s Internet plans here. What are the Internet speeds offered by Shaw? Shaw currently offers the fol... Read more

How To: Use McAfee Multi Access File Lock

McAfee File Lock is included with Multi Access and allows you to store private files in a secure, personal vault on your PC computer, a shared network drive or on removable media, such as a USB drive, CD or DVD. Files in the vault are not visible and... Read more

How To: Install or Remove McAfee True Key

As a BlueCurve Network Security subscriber, you can easily access and download McAfee True Key from the My Shaw website. This article covers the supported browsers for True Key, and how to install or uninstall it from your devices. Note: Installation... Read more

About: McAfee True Key

McAfee True Key Premium is a password management tool that's included with a subscription to BlueCurve Network Security. With True Key, you are the password, making it easier and safer to unlock your digital world. Forget about the hassle of remember... Read more

How To: Uninstall McAfee Multi Access apps

McAfee Multi Access apps are included with a subscription to BlueCurve Network Security. If you've installed any included McAfee software on your devices and wish to remove it, you can do so at any time. This article provides a walk through on how to... Read more

About: BlueCurve Advanced Security

BlueCurve Advanced Security is included with a subscription to BlueCurve Network Security, and is activated in the BlueCurve Home app. This feature monitors your home network for online threats in real-time, and alerts you of any suspicious activity.... Read more

How To: Install McAfee Multi Access apps

As a BlueCurve Network Security subscriber, you can easily access and download your McAfee Multi Access apps from the My Shaw website. Each device type (Windows, Mac, iOS & Android) comes with a different McAfee security app, and the installation ste... Read more

About: McAfee Multi Access

McAfee Multi Access is a suite of security apps available to BlueCurve Network Security subscribers across Windows, Mac, IOS and Android devices. With protection for 10 devices included, you're assured that all your files and personal data are safe f... Read more

About: Shaw Network Security

Shaw Network Security is an add-on feature that protects your WiFi network and connected devices against all network threats. From computers and mobile phones, to home security cameras and smart thermostats—Shaw Network Security has you covered! This... Read more

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