Learn how to set Parental Controls through McAfee Internet Security. Setting up Parental Control through McAfee Internet Security will help you to ensure that your child's online experience is safe and secure. McAfee Internet Security Parental Control option enables you to set rules which will limit the type of content your child is able to view online, directly block specific websites, and create a schedule to limit the amount of time your child can spend online.

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Instructions for McAfee Internet Security
  1. Open the McAfee Internet Security program on your computer by double-clicking the McAfee icon on your desktop, or by finding the program within your start menu
  2. On the McAfee Internet Security landing page, select the Parental Controls tab, then choose the Parental Controls link
                                                                                        (click images for an expanded view)Shaw Secure McAfee Internet Security Parental Controls Set Up
  3. Select Set next to the Administrator Password field to set up your Parental Control password
  4. Enter your chosen password, as well as a hint to help you recover the password if it is forgotten. This password will be required to make any changes to your Parental Controls in the future. Select Done.
  5. Choose Edit next to the Protect Your Family field
  6. Choose the Windows User Account that you would like to set up the Parental Control options on, then select Protect. McAfee Internet Security > Parental Control Settings > Protected
  7. Under the Parental Controls option, you will be able to customize the type of content that your child is able to view. Here, select the age range of your child for a pre-built list of allowed and blocked content. You can change which type of content is available to your child by selecting it in either the Allowed or Blocked windows, then press the arrow key to move it to the opposite field.McAfee Internet Security > Parental Controls > Required Settings
  8. Select Optional Settings to enable the feature which will prevent search engines, such as Google and Bing from discovering content which may include restricted content. You can also block or allow specific websites from this window.McAfee Internet Security > Parental Controls Optional Settings
  9. Select Online Schedule to set up the days and times in which your child will be able to get online. You can either have this set up to allow them online at any time, or you can specifically choose the times by highlighting them on the calendar. Select Done.McAfee Internet Security > Parental Controls - Online Schedule
  10. Once you have set your preferences you will be presented with an overview page which will show you the status of your Parental Controls. You can modify them at any time by revisiting this page.

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For more information on how to set up parental controls on your television system, please check out our resource on: TV Parental Controls.


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Instructions for Internet Security 12.8
  1. Open McAfee Internet Security 12.8 on your computer
  2. Select Parental Controls from the right-hand side of the start screen
  3. You will need to create an administrator password before you are able to choose your parental controls. Select Set next to Administrator Password
  4. Create your password and a password hint to help you remember if you lose or forget it
  5. Windows 8 users that are set up on your machine will now be listed vertically. Select the user that you would like to restrict by choosing Protect
  6. Select your preferred restrictions by choosing:
    1. Select the child's age range from the available drop-down list to generate a list of allowed and blocked content
    2. Confirm the features that are allowed and blocked. You can change the status of either one by clicking on it and then pressing the corresponding arrow icon
    3. Optional Settings include the ability to block websites that contain potentially inappropriate images or language from appearing in search results (enabled by default), and the ability to block specific website URLs or IP addresses
  7. Select Done


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