Learn about the vulnerability scanner feature of McAfee 12.8. In one of latest builds of Shaw Secure powered by McAfee (12.8), a new feature was added called the vulnerability scanner. This feature manages your computer's updates so that you no longer have to wait to be notified for when a program update is available, as these updates will automatically be found and offered by Shaw Secure.

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While we have provided the following support information, we want to ensure that our customers receive the best possible support for their third-party hardware and software by speaking with the experts. The best way to resolve your third-party issue is to use support resources from the original manufacturer or developer. If the following information does not answer your question, please visit MsAfee Support.

How the Vulnerability Scanner works
In computer security, a vulnerability is a weakness which allows an attacker to reduce a system's security level.  Vulnerability is an extremely common method for an attacker to easily distribute a virus.  Once detected by the software developer, vulnerabilities are closed (fixed) through software updates.  Keeping the installed software on your system up to date is important for the security of your computer and data.


Most programs will offer automatic update options, some that require interaction and some that are 100% automatic. Some programs will not automatically check for updates and leave it to the customer to check for updates within the program or at the vendor's website.

What the Vulnerability Scanner does

  • The McAfee Vulnerability Scanner will check for potential security issues with your Windows files and installed programs by determining whether you have programs installed on your PC that require an update
  • Once a scan has been completed, you will be provided with a detailed report which shows the number of updates found and the description of each update
  • The Vulnerability Scanner will alert you to available updates so you can select the updates that you want to be installed
  • The Vulnerability Scanner provides a summary of installed or incomplete updates, and lets you know if there are additional updates available that you need to manually install


Shaw Secure McAfee 12.8 Vulnerability Scanner

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Using the Vulnerability Scanner

To use the Vulnerability Scanner, open Shaw Secure powered by McAfee program on your desktop. If you do not yet have Shaw Secure you can learn more about installing it here: Installing McAfee Internet Security

After you have opened the program, select PC and Home Network Tools and then select Vulnerability Scanner.


Options for Custom Scans and Scheduled Scans are available.  Custom Scans allow you to have the Vulnerability Scanner to skip checks for pending Windows Updates.  Scheduled vulnerability scans are enabled by default for once a week, where the user can customize when this scheduled Vulnerability Scan occurs.


When the scan is complete the software will give the opportunity to install the available updates that have been found. Updates will be marked as either Critical or Recommended.  Users can select to install all updates or only recommended updates. When installing the updates, customers may be prompted by each software update to complete the installation.


Vulnerability Scanner: Available Updates

Shaw Secure McAfee 12.8 Vulnerability Scanner updates

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Example of PC updates covered by the Vulnerability Scanner

Here are some examples of the types of updates that can happen on your Windows PC. The vulnerability scanner can automatically detect these updates and can install them for you.


Windows Updates

Windows Updates Notification Window


Adobe Updates

Adobe Updates Notification Window


Java Updates

Java Updates Notification Window

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