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Hi i can watch live tv on my ipad but  I have for several days trying to connect my ipad -bluecurve to watch live tv to my RV TV wireless, final found somewhere it would no work with apple ,today tried HDMI cable all other ipad functions where up on the rv tv, youtube ect. 

then went to watch bluecurve live tv on the motorhome tv the  screen went black but the sound was there ,then I took my wifes dell laptop to the motorhome i connected  with a HDMI cable did the sign in for desk top access button it works  , i went to see if LG TV had the bluecurve app ,no, does anyone know if there is a way to use my ipad?  or the browser on the LG TV? thanks 

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You need to get a FireTV Stick for your TV or use Chromec...

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@Billhouse  You need to get a FireTV Stick for your TV or use Chromecast from your device to the TV.

FYI, if you are taking the RV out of the country, the BlueCurve app won’t work outside of Canada.

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