Cannot Send Media Files Texting Over Wifi After Switching From Koodo To Shaw Mobile


After 7 support calls or visits in-store, and endlessly repeating the same troubleshooting steps with each CSR, I still have no fix while Shaw drains my Data when sending any MMS text. Same phone was able to send MMS via WIFI on the Koodo network for two years leading up to my switch to Shaw. On Shaw I cannot send any MMS texts on WIFI, only if Mobile Data is enabled will they send eating up my Data which is supposed to be free.

Before I get the hack line that Mobile Data must be enabled to send MMS, no, this is not the case. My girlfriend is on the same plan (separate account) and can send MMS over WIFI with zero issue, tested repeatedly even doing so in presence of in-store Manager.

Before you blame my phone, not only did this work on Koodo for the past two years, but is listed as fully compatible with your network according to the Shaw compatibility online tool. I had a 500MB plan with Koodo and never, never, got above 300MB/month; with Shaw I've burned through almost 2 GB in two months. 

Setup scripts run multiple times, swapped SIM, setup WiFi Calling, reset all Network & Bluetooth local settings, et al. Spent a good hour on phone today running through their scripted fixes to no avail; at least this guy escalated it. Spent another 50 minutes just trying to get info on my Internet & Mobile contracts (are they combined, separate, or is Mobile contractless?)

The grasp of English, spelling, grammar, punctuation, in 5 out of 7 cases was appallingly poor, not to mention having to repeat myself multiple times, as your CSR's do not seem to read to the point of comprehension. 

If this isn't resolved I'll be taking my business elsewhere and demand my monies to be refunded, including the penalty incurred for terminating my Koodo contract early. Very frustrated!

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-- is your smart-phone configured to use "data", over you...

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@Manteuffel -- is your smart-phone configured to use "data", over your cellular connection, to send text & pictures & files?

If your smart-phone is an iPhone, then using the iMessage protocol also uses "data" to send to Apple's iMessage server,

Or, is your smart-phone configured to send "text-messages" (either over WiFi, or over your cellular connection, but without using "data") ?

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