eSIM frustrations


I have my family's iPhones all using eSIM at this point and was pretty happy with everything up to today.

I purchased a new iPhone for my daughter and it arrived today. Thought this would be a pretty easy experience as online support docs from Apple and Shaw show its possible to transfer the eSIM to another device. Apple even has a feature built into the iPhone transfer software to transfer the eSIM during setup.

Much to my dismay nothing worked as I had hoped it would. The iOS transfer reported that the eSIM transfer for the Shaw eSIM is not supported. Then following the support docs and using the My Shaw Mobile portal wouldn't work and would report that the eSIM has already been enabled.

Next move was to contact Shaw Support. That didn't bring me any joy as they were unable to give me anything more than the steps I had already gone through. So now I have to make my way to a Shaw Mobile store to get this done. Just wanted to share my woes and see if anyone else has gone through this and has some advice on maybe a way through this.