No service in major city


Having so many issues with Shaw Mobile.

When Shaw signal is weak or non existent which happens way too much within Edmonton and Area, my Android phone will switch to nationwide roaming and you think this would be okay but it has been a horrible experience.

when connected to or near multiple nationwide antennaes, I often don't receive pictures sent by MMS, even though roaming data is turned on. I lose connectivity, can't send messages, can't call out and have no data. So if i was in an emergency I have no way of contacting anyone. Oh wait I got signal.. nope it's gone. 

Calls to support review phone settings as if it's my phone that is at fault - 3 months ago my phone worked fine on the Bell network for over 10 years( multiple phones not just this 1) but now my whole family is on Shaw mobile and we lose connectivity all the time. Also when people call our phones Shaw nicely tells everyone our phones are not in service.

Maybe it's related to our phones being ported from Bell and not new lines..Maybe it's part of the throttling when you use nationwide, which definitely happens, maybe it's Telus and Bell punishing Shaw for Rogers, not sure what it is, but I can say with Bell I never had these issues. 

Our experience with Shaw has been horrible. 

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-- that "Nationwide" network uses cell-phone towers owned...

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@Mahykal -- that "Nationwide" network uses cell-phone towers owned by Bell/Telus/Rogers.  So, if your network-access is equally bad while connected to "Nationwide" as it is while connected to Shaw Mobile, then there could exist some other issue.

If you take your WiFi-capable device to any of the "ShawOpen" access-points all over Edmonton, and connect to that network, do you still have the same issue?


I see extensive cell-phone coverage:

Shaw LTE coverage in EdmontonShaw LTE coverage in Edmonton




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