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Few times customer service has said to me open the app. And you can see your bill and everything pay it all right there. Okay. You wait here while I do that.2,3,4,5 minutes go by. Customer service asks if I'm still there. "Yes I am".  

"Ok good, So what can I help you with with?" 

"Opening the app" I say

"just click on it sir. And it will load for you."

" So now you think I'm that  stupid. That I don't know how to open an app"  "Really?.. you think I sat here for 5 minutes while it says loading your information. Just for the hell of it".  Then continuing to talk to me like I'm in grade two." Did you try turning your phone off and on, resetting the modem, did you do this did you do that". Because heaven forbid it has something to do with your guys' system. No no it's always the customer's fault isn't it. It's always the customers device. Heaven forbid somebody didn't program the app right. What a joke. And with the money we pay. To keep lining the deep pockets, of the chairman. Once I can I'll never go back to shaw again. 0 respect for their customers. Very few agents have good customer service skills. Even through a chat I was treated with disrespect. Talked down to. And I am more than willing to bet. I'm not the only one. Heaven forbid they offered any compensation, for wasted time. After being treated with disrespect and being degraded. Some of the worst I've ever experienced 

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Heaven forbid, what problem are you having with the app?

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Heaven forbid, what problem are you having with the app?

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