Suggestion : Making notes in Shaw account to reduce info repetition.


Request : I would like to be able to make a note on certain pages in my Shaw account, so representatives stop changing settings that I will be switching back right away.

Current : In particular - Shaw Mobile, Manage My Features (/manage-features)

Issue : Every time I contact to get a problem checked, they turn the 'U.S. Roaming' back on.

Reason they give for turning it on : 'Wi-fi calling will work if roaming is turned on.'

The whole reason I want wi-fi (VoiP) calling to work is because I don't want the roaming charges. Due to living close to the border, I get a stronger signal service from the states... so if I have any roaming enabled, that is where my calls route. In other words, if I have it enabled then I will be paying a fortune to have a phone.

Besides, how does cellular network roaming to the States fix my ability to connect to my home wi-fi to make calls?

Anyway, every time it gets enabled I get a text telling me it is enabled, followed by a text telling me I'm roaming... followed by finding out I've now used roaming data for all the texts I got through the US network. 1MB of roaming just because it got enabled... no real usage. 50 cents isn't much... but if I don't disable it quickly, it starts racking up as it keeps reconnecting and texting me that I'm in the States.

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