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How to get Shaw Fibre Optic working in Calgary

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Our Shaw Fibre Optic internet (up to 300mbps) has been really slow from the start. The last month it's been clocking in speeds of 1-10mbps. Our Netgear r6400 router serves an area of roughly 600 square feet without any obstruction, so the signal shouldn't have an issue going a few meters.

We were in touch a lot at the beginning, but our patience eventually wore thin. We've had customer service say our router need replaced, followed by a service call where the router was unplugged and plugged back in (not replaced) and numerous multi-hour calls trying to get through to them, and had to take a break. Being transferred around gets exhausting.

Can anyone help with even just getting through to them in a timely matter since the chat representatives can't help and keep providing incorrect phone numbers? We're getting tired of plugging one device directly into the router at a time when it needs used.

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Who Me Too'd this topic