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Cable Box Issue & Poor Customer Service


Encountered issue with older Motorola TV cable box relating to power cord. It took rep on the phone forever to 25-30 minutes comprehend and it didn't help matters he can't speak English at all. Rep claims that as of May these cable boxes are no-longer any good. First i've heard of anything about it. Real nice of Shaw to inform customers but I don't expect anything less from this company. When I mentioned about going down to local Shaw store to get a new cable cord, he starts bringing up COVID. By that logic how about I stop all payment to Shaw because of COVID. Getting crap service and even worst customer service.

I also want to mention Tech been out here before trying to install the newer and more current cable box which isn't compatible at all. Tech was here well over hour and much longer. It took 2nd Tech coming out to remove the newer one and reinstalling the old one due to the original Tech being too lazy and having massive attitude problem.

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Who Me Too'd this topic