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Is Port 25 (STMP) Blocked?



Does Shaw block outbound STMP connections? I am trying to set my own STMP server and it seems that my connection is being blocked. I contacted chat support and they told me Shaw has not blocked any ports on their end. I have tested the server locally and it works and I have also checked my modem settings and there are no rules for blocking any ports. So I figured I ask here as well. My understanding is that some ISPs block outbound port 25 to help reduce spam and that you would have to contact them and ask specifically to open it for you. So here is my question again:
1) Is outbound port 25 blocked by Shaw?

2) If so can/will they open it upon request? Who should I contact?

3) If not do you know of any ISP that does allow STMP servers?

To clarify, my question is not about inbound traffic, I am asking about OUTBOUND. I know I need to setup port forwarding for inbound. (sorry for pointing out the obvious I had to repeat myself for the agent multiple times and he kept telling me that I don't have port forwarding set)


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