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FreeRange TV login error


FreeRange TV worked in the past but now every time I try to log in I get an error on the adding device stage. The login is successful but the adding device stage never completes successfully. Using chrome on Windows 10 fresh install. I deleted the 2 devices that were previously registered (previous chrome browsers) but that made no difference and no devices are shown in the FreeRange TV section in my.shaw.ca/TV. Deleted all cookies from Shaw sites and reinstaled Flash with no resolution. Error still appears.

Error shown below. Googling the error shows some links for Comcast Xfinity that says it's a DRM error? Any help would be appreciated.

Sorry, we're having some trouble

FreeRange TV is not available at the moment. Please try back soon.

(Error ftde.xact.3321.1107296356)

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