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Fibre+ Gateway (XB6) v Fibre+ Gateway 2.0 (XB7)


I've just changed from an XB6 to an XB7 gateway & Fibre+ 300 to Fibre+ 500.

For the last two years I have, using the Shaw speed test, got 330 Mbps day in day out, over wifi, the gateway was in the basement a floor below.

Changing to the newer Gateway 2.0 in the exact same position & Fibre+ 500 I can now only get 200 - 250 Mbps over wifi. Using cable connection I get 530 Mbps!

Shaw Tech checked everything out, all within spec!

So I moved the Gateway upstairs, I now get 260 Mbps over wifi 8 feet from the Gateway!

Anyone had this problem with the XB7?

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Who Me Too'd this topic