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Internet Constantly Disconnecting


I've seen this question posted many times before but it's our turn. We live in North Vancouver. For about the past four weeks, our Internet has been constantly disconnecting at random, all day long, every day. Sometimes it will happen 15 or 20 times in a row within a 10 minute period. Other times, our connection will work perfectly for an hour or two and then start to act up. When the problem happens, the connection completely drops out (web and e-mail go "dead") and then the connection comes back online shortly afterward, sometimes within a few seconds. In the thread below, the poster mentions that it's supposedly the node for their area that’s the issue (going on 4 weeks for them, too, at the time when the post was made back in 2018):


We recently had the free upgrade to 300 plus we got a new white Shaw XB7 Gateway. We do not use Wi-Fi at all in our home. We use gigabit wired ethernet which I installed myself as an electrical contractor (I am also an Apple Certified Macintosh Technician so naturally, I have tried every possible solution -- to no avail).

What the hell is causing this to happen? Is there a problem in our area? Does this have something to do with the purchase by Rogers? It is driving us absolutely insane to the point of where I am almost ready to get rid of Shaw once and for all.

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