Learn about the different TV audio formats. Below you will find a description of the different types of audio formats that you can use with your TV setup. The availability of these audio formats depends on the equipment that you have in your home, including your television, speakers, and Digital Box.

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Mono sound

Mono is the most basic of sound formats outputs one channel of sound. Even on a modern television with two speakers, both speakers will give you the same sounds.

Mono Sound on TVMono - one speaker

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Stereo sound

Using two channels of sound, a stereo format allows the separation of sounds between the left and right speakers.

Stereo Sound on TV - two speakers

Stereo Sound - two speakers

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Dolby Digital and 5.1 Sound

Dolby Digital is the preferred multi-channel audio standard for digital cable terminals. Programs viewed using a Shaw HD Terminal will be in either Dolby Digital stereo or Dolby Digital 5.1.


Dolby Stereo Sound - Multi Speaker SetupDolby Stereo - multi-speaker setup

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