Learn how to setup your favourite channels list in the Ignite TV (formerly known as BlueCurve TV) guide so that you have easy access to your most popular channels. Have a certain number of "Go To" channels? With Ignite TV you can create your own "watchlist" of TV channels for viewing convenience. The fastest way to add a channel to favourites is by saying "Add this channel to favourites" to your Voice Remote.

How to add a channel to Favourites in the Ignite TV Guide

Follow these steps to add a channel to Favourites in your Ignite TV guide so that you can compile a list of the channels that you watch the most often.

  1. On the remote, press the Guide button once to access the main guide.
  2. Navigate to the channel you wish to add to Favourites. 134408_Screen%20Shot%202017-01-10%20at%2011.25.04%20AM


  3. Press the left arrow button on the remote to highlight the channel and press OK134205_Screen%20Shot%202017-01-05%20at%201.41.22%20PM


  4. Use the right arrow button to highlight Favourite134204_Screen%20Shot%202017-01-05%20at%201.40.33%20PM


  5. Press OK on the remote to add the channel as a favorite.
  6. To remove the channel as a favorite, repeat these steps and choose Remove Favourite instead of Favourite.

After setting up your Favorites list, you can filter the guide to display only your favorite channels. For information on how to do this, see How to Filter Your Ignite TV On-Screen Guide

Did you know? You can select TV Listings to view a full lineup of upcoming episodes. All Kids Zone menus include a blue background that you can easily recognize.

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