Learn how to easily set the brightness of the power button and time display on the front of the BlueCurve TV digital box. You can use the voice remote to say "Device Settings" and navigate to the Device Lights option to quickly change the brightness of your BlueCurve TV Player (XG1v3).

BlueCurve TV front display settings

Brightness for the front display of your BlueCurve TV Player (XG1v3) can be set through Device Settings.

  1. Press the Shaw button on the remote control.
  2. Use the arrow buttons to highlight Settings (the gear icon). Press OK
  3. Use the down arrow to highlight Device Settings and press OK. 138678_Screen%20Shot%202017-03-02%20at%2012.37.25%20PM


  4. Use the down arrow button to highlight Device Lights and press OK138674_Screen%20Shot%202017-03-02%20at%2011.41.20%20AM


  5. Select Power Level Brightness and press OK. 138675_Screen%20Shot%202017-03-02%20at%2011.42.29%20AM


  6. Using the right arrow or left arrow buttons on your remote, choose the preferred brightness level (from one to three or Off) and press OK. 138679_Screen%20Shot%202017-03-02%20at%2012.38.08%20PM


  7. On the Device Lights menu, use the down arrow to select Clock Light Brightness and press OK138676_Screen%20Shot%202017-03-02%20at%2011.43.41%20AM


  8. Using the right arrow or left arrow buttons on your remote, choose the preferred brightness level of your time display (from one to three or off) and press OK138677_Screen%20Shot%202017-03-02%20at%2011.44.21%20AM


  9. Press the Exit button on the remote to return to the program you were previously watching.

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