Learn how to order Video on Demand on your Shaw Gateway with these tips. Shaw On Demand (VOD) is your portal to access thousands of movie titles, sports features, and TV programs. You’ll need Shaw Television programming in either Digital or HDTV programming to access our title selections that let you watch as often as you like until your order expires. Find out how to order a title through Shaw On Demand on your Gateway system by reading the details below. For a quick video tutorial on using VOD on the Shaw Gateway, including ordering, menus, and playback, please see the video below.

This article will provide insight into ordering VOD content:


Video Tutorial: How to order Shaw On Demand on a Shaw Gateway

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Using your Gateway remote control
Follow these steps to access Video On Demand content using your Gateway remote.
  1. Press the VOD button at the top of your Gateway remote, or use the MENU button and scroll across until you get to the Shaw On Demand icon, and then press OK to launch Shaw On Demand.
  2. Scroll through the ribbon using the LEFT and RIGHT arrows on your remote and select a category like movies, TV shows, or premium subscription content.
  3. Press the DOWN arrow to start navigating through available content. Press MENU to reset to the top of the list, or change the category.
  4. Press the OK button on your remote to select a title. This will allow you to read the description, see ordering options, or change the season for TV shows.
    • Titles included with your subscription (no extra charge) have a Play option
    • Titles with a rental fee have a Rent option with the associated charge

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Using the Shaw On Demand website

Review the following steps on how to order On Demand content through vod.shaw.ca.
To order a title online:

  1. Visit vod.shaw.ca and select Sign In
  2. Sign in using your:
    1. Shaw Email Address, or
    2. My Shaw Username and Password: Shaw Account Settings (My Shaw)
  3. Move your mouse over top of any movie graphic to view a brief synopsis of the title. Select More Details to view detailed information (e.g. directors, cast, duration, rating) or select Order Now for ordering information
  4. Select the option to view the title in standard definition (SD) or high definition (HD), if available
  5. Select Complete Order

Viewing your order on the Gateway:

  1. Press the VOD button on your Gateway, or press MENU and navigate to the Video On Demand option, and then press OK to launch Shaw On Demand.
  2. Use the RIGHT arrow on your Gateway remote to scroll to My Orders, then press OK
  3. Select your order, then press OK to begin streaming

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