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TV Articles

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How To: Access TV Parental Controls

This page will give you quick information on your equipment's Parental Controls. Parental Controls By configuring the Parental Controls settings on your equipment, you can lock programming according to its TV or Movie rating, channel number, or progr... Read more

Ordering Shaw PPV FAQ

Find frequently asked questions about Ordering Shaw PPV below. What happens if I ordered a PPV event and it is not appearing? Ensure that the PPV order went through by trying to cancel it through your Guide. If you're having issues feel free to conta... Read more

Shaw TV Service FAQ

Learn more about Shaw TV service and channel packages with our frequently asked questions.. Shaw TV Services FAQs Where can I find a list of Shaw’s TV packages? You can view all of Shaw’s TV plans here. How can I see which TV package I have? The quic... Read more

Shaw TV Troubleshooting FAQ

Below you'll find answers to commonly asked questions about TV issues, like picture concerns, guide settings, and remote control issues. Many TV issues can be quickly solved by restarting your PVR or TV box. Unplug the power cords, wait 30 seconds, a... Read more

How to order Pay Per View Events

Learn how to order Shaw Pay Per View Events such as the latest UFC or premium sporting event. This page includes steps for ordering Pay Per View on all types of Shaw TV equipment. Charges will be incurred for any PPV event when they are ordered and w... Read more

How to filter Shaw on Demand content with BlueCurve TV

Learn how to filter Shaw On Demand content with your BlueCurve TV cable box. The BlueCurve TV box will record up to 60 hours of HD programming or 300 hours of SD programming. Did You Know The fastest way to access On Demand is by saying "On Demand" t... Read more

BlueCurve TV – How to order Pay Per View events

Learn how to order and watch Pay Per View (PPV) events with BlueCurve TV. BlueCurve TV offers PPV events like sports and UFC. Movies are exclusive to Shaw On Demand. For ordering PPV with other equipment, please see How to order PPV events. How to or... Read more

BlueCurve TV – How to order Shaw On Demand

Learn how to order and watch Shaw On Demand movies and TV programs with BlueCurve TV. BlueCurve TV builds on the success of today's Shaw On Demand experience by offering customers new features and functionality that they have come to expect from a di... Read more

Troubleshooting: TV service issues

These articles will help you troubleshoot Shaw TV audio and video quality issues. Many TV issues can be quickly solved by power cycling your PVR or digital box — unplugging the power cord, waiting 30 seconds, and plugging it back in. If that doesn't ... Read more

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