On your Gateway system, you have the option to remove channels from the channel listings in your interactive guide. This can be done to remove channels you are not subscribed to, or if you want to hide certain channels from appearing in the guide, such as those that include mature content. Learn how to remove channels from the guide with the instructions below which apply to both the Gateway and Gateway HDPVR hardware.



Removing channels from your Shaw Gateway Guide

Follow these steps to remove channels from your Shaw Gateway Guide.


  1. Press the MENU button on your Gateway remote
  2. Navigate to Settings by using the RIGHT/LEFT arrows

    Shaw Gateway Menu Settings Option
  3. Select Channel Listings, then press OK

    Shaw Gateway Menu > Settings > Channel List

  4. Scroll down the list and select OK on any channels you would like to remove from your listing


Shaw Gateway Channel List


Channels which will appear on your guide will display a yellow/orange icon next to their names

To re-add channels to your Gateway's guide simply perform the same steps listed above and re-select the channels you wish to appear.

If you add a new channel or package to your account that contains channels you've previously hidden, you will need to re-add those channels to the Gateway guide before you will be able to view those channels.



If you wish to block a channel/channels on multiple Gateway Portals, you will need to follow the above process for each individual Portal in your home.


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