The Shaw Go Gateway app allows you to navigate your Gateway's TV listings page, set individual and series recordings, use the app to initiate playback on your portal, and search for programs based on keywords and categories. Learn more about the settings options for the Shaw Go Gateway App. 149637_shaw-go-gateway-app

Get Shaw Go Gateway support for the following devices:

Android Tablet
Android Phone

Guide Settings

To access the Shaw Go Gateway Apps settings, tap the Settings option from the menu bar at bottom of the screen.  On the left you can tap Guide, DVR, Account, Sync or Parental Controls to access specific settings for those categories.

149642_pastedImage_9Guide: From the guide settings you can change the way that channels are sorted (by number, name or like portals) and which type of video content is displayed on the guide (pay-per-view, music, local access, government access, educational access and on demand)

  • Channel Types: Allows you to choose which types of content appear in your guide  (Pay Per View, Music, Local Access, etc...)
  • Sort Channels: By number, name or by "like portals"
NoteTo download the Shaw Go Gateway app on your iPad, visit the iOS App store.

DVR Settings

149644_pastedImage_17DVR: Through the DVR settings you can determine the way that space conflicts are resolved (ask or determine automatically) as well as change whether you are prompted for series options when scheduling new series recordings.

  • Resolve Space Conflicts: Set to "Ask" or "Automatically." The automatic setting will delete episodes of lower priority to make room for new content when possible.
  • Scheduling New Recordings: Choose either "Prompts for Options" or "Uses Default Options." You can set default options below by clicking on "Default Options"
  • Default Options: Tap here to set your preferred recording defaults, which includes the options for the start time, stop time, episode limit, how long to keep the episodes and which episodes to record

Account Settings

149646_pastedImage_18Account: Log out of your account, view terms of use, app versioning and change whether you provide usage data through the account settings.

  • Portal Names: Displays portals that you are connected to
  • Legal: View terms of use
  • App version: Displays the current version of the app that you are using
  • Usage Statistics: Enable or disable the automatic sending of usage statistics. Sending usage statistics helps us improve the application, and only anonymous data will be sent.

Sync Settings

149648_pastedImage_1Sync: Through the sync settings you can manually sync your app with your Gateway. You are also able to determine whether the app or your portals settings will override the other as well as the ability to enable hiding channels, favourites and recording defaults.

  • Direction: Sets the direction by which the sync happens (copy settings from portal, replace settings on portal, or merge)
  • Data: Determine which information is synced between your portals and the Gateway app
  • Sync: Syncs the Gateway app with your portal(s)

First-time users may want to align their Go Gateway app and Gateway portal settings by doing the following:

  1. First, select the "Copy Settings from Portal" setting, listed under direction, then tap Sync. This will import the settings you have made on your Gateway portals into the app
  2. Second, set the sync direction to "Merge", which ensures that changes made to either your Gateway portal or Go Gateway app will be applied jointly

Parental Control Settings

149650_pastedImage_5Parental Controls: In the parental controls settings you can set parental controls for your Shaw Gateway. This will allow you to lock certain types of content based on their type of content or rating.

  • Parental Controls: To set up parental controls you will first need to create a PIN. Once created, you can enable or disable parental controls through the Shaw Go Gateway app, as well as set your relock timer preferences
    • Relock Timer: When you unlock a show, you open a temporary viewing window. Parental controls will relock after this time
  • Lock Channels: Lock Video On Demand, Pay Per View and individual channels
  • Lock by Rating: Set your TV and MPAA Ratings
    • TV Rating: All Children, Older Children, General Audiences, Parental Guidance Suggested, Parents Strongly Cautioned, Mature Audiences Only, Not Rated
    • MPAA Rating: General Audiences, Parental Guidance Suggested, Parents Strongly Cautioned, Restricted, Adult Content, Not Rated

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