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How To: Use FIIT with Shaw TV and Shaw Stream

Fiit is a subscription service that allows you to train with the most in demand fitness experts, compete with friends, and track your progress with hundreds of classes, group workouts, and training plans ranging from entry level to advanced. Note: A ... Read more

Disney+ on Shaw TV and Shaw Stream FAQ

Disney+ sign up & eligibility Disney+ subscription & account Using Disney+ with Shaw TV and Shaw Stream Find answers to common questions about using Disney+ with Shaw TV and Shaw Stream. Learn about how to sign up for Disney+ through Shaw, use the ap... Read more

How To: Use Disney+ with Shaw TV and Shaw Stream

The Disney+ app and content library are available with Shaw TV and Shaw Stream. Use our voice remote to easily find Disney+ content right from your Shaw TV or Stream Player. Watch the latest releases, original series and movies, classic films, throwb... Read more

How To: Use Apple TV+ with Shaw TV and Shaw Stream

Apple TV+ is an ad-free premium video streaming platform, featuring Apple-exclusive content (Apple Originals) such as Ted Lasso and The Morning Show and is now available on Shaw TV and Shaw Stream! Note: A Shaw Internet subscription is required to us... Read more

How To: Use Tubi with Shaw TV and Shaw Stream

Tubi is the world’s largest ad-supported video on demand app with over 35,000 movies and TV shows from nearly every major studio, and it's included with Shaw TV. Launch the Tubi app with your Shaw TV voice remote, or select it from the apps menu. Tub... Read more

How To: Find music on BlueCurve TV

BlueCurve TV includes a dedicated music section, plus a variety of music streaming apps for all listeners. This article covers how to access musical content on BlueCurve TV. Music section The music section features musical content such as themed play... Read more

How To: Watch 4K content on BlueCurve TV

With Shaw BlueCurve TV, you can watch live sports in 4K and stream 4K content from your favourite apps. This article covers how to access and record 4K content from your BlueCurve TV Player. For an overview of 4K service including requirements and av... Read more

How To: Stream music with Stingray on BlueCurve TV

The Stingray app is a free value add for all BlueCurve TV customers. You can search 50+ channels of music by genre or channel. Features include profiles, saved channels, recently played, and usage based recommendations. Note: A Shaw Internet subscrip... Read more

How To: Find your WiFi password on BlueCurve TV

With BlueCurve Internet and TV, you can find your WiFi password, network name, and status, right from your TV box using a voice command. Just ask your BlueCurve TV voice remote, and your WiFi network details will pop up in seconds. Note: This feature... Read more

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