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Disney+ on Shaw TV and Shaw Stream FAQ

Disney+ sign up & eligibility Disney+ subscription & account Using Disney+ with Shaw TV and Shaw Stream Find answers to common questions about using Disney+ with Shaw TV and Shaw Stream. Learn about how to sign up for Disney+ through Shaw, use the ap... Read more

How To: Use Disney+ with Shaw TV and Shaw Stream

The Disney+ app and content library are available with Shaw TV and Shaw Stream. Use our voice remote to easily find Disney+ content right from your Shaw TV or Stream Player. Watch the latest releases, original series and movies, classic films, throwb... Read more

How To: Use Apple TV+ with Shaw TV and Shaw Stream

Apple TV+ is an ad-free premium video streaming platform, featuring Apple-exclusive content (Apple Originals) such as Ted Lasso and The Morning Show and is now available on Shaw TV and Shaw Stream! Note: A Shaw Internet subscription is required to us... Read more

How To: View program and episode info on Shaw Stream

When you choose a program to watch on Shaw Stream, you’ll see more information about it including synopsis, cast and crew, parental guidance, ratings, and watch options. For series, you can use the episode guide to view a list of available seasons an... Read more

BlueCurve TV and Shaw Stream feature comparison

BlueCurve TV and Shaw Stream are two different products we offer—each with their own features and benefits. Learn more about the features and differences of each product below on this page. Feature comparison BlueCurve TV requires a Cable TV subscrip... Read more

How To: Use the Shaw Stream voice remote (XR16)

The Shaw Stream voice remote (XR16) comes bundled with Shaw Stream. This compact remote comes with voice control technology and a simple button layout for easy navigation. Features and button layout Use the guide below to learn more about the feature... Read more

Shaw Stream Overview & FAQ

Shaw Stream is a video streaming device that can be used with your Shaw Internet service. Enjoy quick access to your favourite movies, TV shows, and more. Shaw Stream combines popular video streaming services like Netflix, YouTube and Prime Video—all... Read more

Equipment Info: Shaw TV Equipment user guides

From our current TV box (BlueCurve TV) to legacy equipment such as our SD Digital Box, browse our user guides to learn more about your Shaw cable box. Find information on topics ranging from setting up your cable box to programming your remote contro... Read more

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