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I have been using the Shaw Go Gateway app to help me with my elderly father's tv - from my location (ie remotely).  He recently moved, and I ended up having to set up a new separate accounto for him, with a PVR and I also set up a new Shaw ID for that account (in addition to my own account and SHaw ID).

THe problem is when I login to the Shaw Gateway app with his SHAW ID, it brings up my portal under his account?  I thought is was a problem with a mix up in our accounts but when I called Shaw it said it was a problem with the app cache on my phone.  I have tried deleting the app (and the backup) every which way, but the problem persists even when I download the app fresh from the app store?

I really need this app to work (and NOT Bluecurve, which does not have the remote functionality)...any ideas on  to resolve this?

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Hello Jemcorp, sorry for the late reply.    That seems ve...


Hello Jemcorp, sorry for the late reply. 


That seems very odd that the portal on a separate account would show up when you log into My Shaw. If this is still occurring, I would recommend getting back in touch with our tech support to double check the correct portal/PVR is actually listed on the correct account as well as double checking the Shaw ID for each account. 

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