SHAW Officially Phasing Out All Motorola Cable Boxes


Well we all knew this was going to eventually happen but now SHAW has announced the dates that these boxes will no longer function:

And if you live in a more rural area then the boxes will be phased out even earlier:


I still have an old 3416 box hooked up as there are about a dozen movies from Movie Central ( remember them ???? ) that my GF still wants to watch. At least now I can tell her that the clock is ticking and she needs to watch them before next April. And speaking of clocks - the clock on the box has been going on and off the last few months so I'm not even sure the **bleep** thing still works right now. 

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-- the second URL that you cited, but not the first, cite...

Grand Master

@bostonbob -- the second URL that you cited, but not the first, cited the wedge-shaped DCT 700 (non-HD, non-PVR) as now "retired" in Calgary.

I think that Shaw will soon "retire" it everywhere else, e.g., your grand-mother's home. So, make a visit to her, if she still have this very-old device.


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