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Email attachments

I am using shaw email for a long time everything was ok but all of a sudden I just cannot open email attachments. Read more

Blue Curve - Cannot add network switch

I've just upgraded to the new plan and modem, but I'm having a lot of issues getting my wired network running.There are only two ethernet ports on the modem, and I need more than that. If I attach one of my network switches to the modem, the flashing... Read more


How to get Shaw to cancel my service

My service ends on the 1st, i've been trying to cancel it for 2 weeks now. I get on the phone line put my # for call back and for the 6th time today... as soon as i was put as position 1 in the queue(from the callback) my call was dropped. I have spo... Read more

flagged message syncing

Hi,When I flag a message on my Shaw webmail on my computer, it won't flag on my android (Samsung) phone. The reverse does not work either (flagging on phone email won't transfer to Shaw mail on computer). It used to do this but it doesn't any more.De... Read more

the best way to get wireless internet in the garage?

I have an Arris TG3482 modem that is working great right now but it only gives me 2 bars in the detached garage and sometimes drops out. I also have a defender security system in the garage that I want to plug into a router (or repeater or whatever).... Read more

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