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no ignite app for PC, why?

its a little bit infuriating that i cannot configure my home internet from my home computer. why is there no windows/mac app or interface to do so? i do not use iphone/android, and i should not have to borrow a phone to setup a new wifi pod. Read more


Email attachments

I am using shaw email for a long time everything was ok but all of a sudden I just cannot open email attachments. Read more

Netflix through Shaw

Today I signed up for a Netflix account, I did this via the Netflix website.When I turned on the tv to sign in for my new account, I entered all the necessary information, and then it said that a fee of 20.99 will be charged to my Shaw account every ... Read more

Multiple Missed Appointments

Has anyone else had problems moving home services & getting a technician to your home? I think it’s super frustrating that you can set up your move of services weeks in advance so as not to have any disruption of services so you can complete work fro... Read more

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