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Blue Curve - Cannot add network switch

I've just upgraded to the new plan and modem, but I'm having a lot of issues getting my wired network running.There are only two ethernet ports on the modem, and I need more than that. If I attach one of my network switches to the modem, the flashing... Read more

Shaw causes most connection issues themselves

Even with a router, if Shaw's modem has connection issues, nothing will work. Shaw will never admit the issue is on their end unless there are visible signs of ground disturbance by their crews in the field. Online Shaw agents keep the customers busy... Read more


Service connection to new house build

I have a new house build. I'm trying to get Shaw services connected from the street to the house.I'm not moving my internet/tv services at this time I just want the physical connection made to the external box on the house.I tried phoning customer su... Read more

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