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This is UNFAIR : Shaw Cancellation

Hi, Community, please help me decide if this is fair treatment:I have been a happy and loyal shaw customer on a 2 year contract. I had to do an emergency move to a new apartment during COVID 19. The Shaw website and agent assured me that my move was ... Read more


Credit Owed

Canceled my account back in March 2019 before we moved, then Hubby got a new account at the new place (Shaw said we couldn't transfer the old account when we moved). The old equipment was returned to the technician that came setup the new equipment a... Read more

ARRIS TG3482G, Does not Recognize Connected Device

Hi Shaw community, I am writing to you as I recently experienced a bit of an issue with a remote input/outputmodule I purchased from Automation Direct - a SIO-MB12CDR. The module will be connectedto a client station in another city and to enable the ... Read more

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