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XB8 Modem / Router

I received a new XB8 router and fired it up two days ago. Replacing an XB7 I have encountered the usual hiccups and need to re-connect some apps and hardware including all my pods, smart home lights and alike. The TV players seems to reconnect quite ... Read more

Internet outage

When Internet outages comes along, don’t you guys have any back up plans? Or we’re all just waiting for santa claus or the grinch or superman or spiderman or whomever we want to be the hero? Cause when we pay for the bills y’all dont even need to ask... Read more

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Netflix through Shaw

Today I signed up for a Netflix account, I did this via the Netflix website.When I turned on the tv to sign in for my new account, I entered all the necessary information, and then it said that a fee of 20.99 will be charged to my Shaw account every ... Read more

Shaw Discontinuing Email?

Alan Perry on Tech Talk claims both Shaw & Telus are discontinuing email. He claims the reason has to do with small company Shaw uses as email provider.Is this true or not? Perry has a history of spewing a lot of misinformation. Read more

Unable to Renew Value Plan

So I have been trying to renew a value plan as mine just ended and when I try to checkout it says my cart's empty.Is anyone else having this issue? Any solutions?Thanks Read more

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