Learn how to troubleshoot no dial tone on a single phone with these tips. This guide is meant to provide instruction should you find that a single handset or phone in your home is without a dial tone. Please confirm that your home phone service is working correctly on other phones in your home and that only a single phone is without a dial tone before continuing. If you have only a single phone on site or all phones on site are without a dial tone, please see the Troubleshooting No Dial Tone on All Phones guide.

How to troubleshoot on a cordless phone

  1. If the handset is cordless, please confirm that the battery is charged and the phone is within range of its main base before continuing.
  2. If the phone is within range of the main base but is still reporting “out of range”, it is often helpful to reset the main base by briefly disconnecting it from power and testing for a dial tone again after the reset.

Call Screening or Direct to Voicemail

Check to see if the phone has a "call screening" or "direct to voicemail" option:
Some models of phones are equipped with a feature designed to screen calls and send callers directly to voicemail. Normally, this should not affect your ability to obtain a dial tone or make outbound calls, but on some more simple handsets, this feature actually disables the phone’s dial tone, thereby affecting incoming and outgoing calls.

  1. Please ensure that no such feature is enabled.
  2. If your phone does have a screening feature enabled, please disable it and test again.
  3. If the issue persists, please continue to follow the other troubleshooting tips in this guide.

Check connections

An additional troubleshooting tip is to check to ensure that the phone is properly connected to a phone outlet.

  1. Confirm that there is a phone wire running from the connection on the back of your phone or cordless base unit to the phone outlet, or jack.
  2. Confirm that the connection is secure, with no visible damage to the outlet, connector, or wiring.

Note: You should also be able to get a dial tone when your phone or cordless base unit is directly connected to your Digital Phone Terminal.(DPT) or BlueCurve Gateway

  • With a DPT: Plug your phone into the Tel 1/2 port in the back.
  • With a BlueCurve Gateway: Plug your phone into the Tel 1 port in the back.

Test with a different phone jack

  1. If the wiring between the phone and its outlet appears to be in good condition, but no dial tone can be obtained, please disconnect the phone from this outlet and attempt to connect the phone to another outlet.
  2. If the phone does work on a different outlet, the original phone outlet will need to be repaired