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Home Phone Articles

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Get all the information you need to know about your Shaw Home Phone. From equipment guides, to setting up voicemail, and even how to make the most of our international calling rates and plans.

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Shaw Home Phone FAQs

Shaw Home Phone FAQs Shaw Home Phone Troubleshooting FAQs Learn about Shaw home phone services and how to fix common home phone issues from setting up your voicemail to dealing with no dial tones with our Shaw home phone frequently asked questions. Y... Read more

How to fix no dial tone on all phones

This guide is meant to provide instructions should you find that none of the phones in your home can access a dial tone. If when you lift the earpiece or activate your cordless handset, you are without a proper dial tone and cannot make or receive ca... Read more

Troubleshooting no dial tone

Learn how to troubleshoot no dial tone on a single phone with these tips. This guide is meant to provide instruction should you find that a single handset or phone in your home is without a dial tone. Please confirm that your home phone service is wo... Read more

How to perform a DPT Pin-hole Reset

This guide will provide instructions on performing a simple pin-hole reset of your Shaw Digital Phone Terminal (DPT) should the DPT require a reset to return to an online status and restore a working dial tone. For a brief video tutorial on how to re... Read more

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