BlueCurve Advanced Security is included with a subscription to BlueCurve Network Security, and is activated in the BlueCurve Home app. This feature monitors your home network for online threats in real-time, and alerts you of any suspicious activity. It also adapts to your home network and learns over time to keep up with new threats.


To use BlueCurve Advanced Security, you'll need:

Note: BlueCurve Advanced Security will not work if your BlueCurve Gateway is offline or in bridge mode.

How to use

For existing BlueCurve Home users, Advanced Security is activated automatically once you've subscribed to BlueCurve Network Security. If you haven't used BlueCurve Home before, download the free app and login to activate Advanced Security.

With Advanced Security activated, all devices connected to your home network are protected, and you'll be notified in real time if a threat is detected. For more details, visit How To: Use BlueCurve Advanced Security to learn about different types of threats and what to do when you're notified of a threat.

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Did you know: For the best security online, you can use McAfee Multi Access and Advanced Security together—they're both included with your subscription to BlueCurve Network security.


BlueCurve Advanced Security provides an additional layer of protection for your entire network by:

  • Keeping you protected from cyber security threats.
  • Preventing you from inadvertently accessing malicious sites.
  • Blocking remote access to smart devices from unknown or dangerous sources.


Here's a breakdown of everything under the hood:

  • Remote access protection helps prevent blacklisted IP addresses from accessing devices connected to your home network and vice versa.
  • Security alert notifications provide detailed threat info and notifications to keep you current with the safety of your network.
  • Safe Browsing helps prevent a device on your home network from visiting potentially dangerous websites. Such sites may contain malware, spyware, ransomware, anti-phishing or viruses.
  • Protection against Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks helps prevent devices on your network from participating in DDoS attacks.
  • Home network vulnerabilities scan alerts you if existing vulnerabilities are identified within your home network. A network scan is initiated on demand or based on a scheduled of your choice.
  • Override threat rules to override what BlueCurve Advanced Security has determined to be a threat.
  • Machine Learning supports rapid response to zero-day vulnerabilities.

Learn more: Check out How To: Use BlueCurve Advanced Security for details.

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