Learn about Shaw email quotas and how to manage your email. A full mailbox may impact your ability to send or receive emails. Use these tips to troubleshoot.

About Shaw Webmail Quotas

Shaw webmail has quotas (limits) on the amount of data that can be saved to your mailbox. Quotas are in place to maintain how much data is held on Shaw webmail servers in order to best serve all of our Shaw webmail customers. 

The average email is only 75KB - which means that Shaw Webmail's quota of 1GB should hold over 13,000 regular emails for each email address. Spam takes up much more than the average email, clocking in at around 5000KB on average you would only be able to hold around 200 of these larger Spam emails.

How to manage your webmail inbox

It's important to manage your inbox to get rid of unwanted and old messages or archive your inbox by using the export feature found in Preferences.

To check how much space you've used, simply look to the bottom left-hand of the Shaw Webmail client.

Shaw Webmail Quota.png


To reduce mailbox size:

Shaw webmail Quota FAQs


Why do I get a Shaw email quota warning? 
This notice means that you have filled up the space allocated to your email account with your existing emails. A quick and easy fix is to log into the webmail and delete unwanted emails.

What is the quota size for Shaw Webmail?
1000MB (1GB).

How do I tell if my email quota is full or near full?
At the bottom left of the Webmail client, you can see the percentage of space currently used.

Shaw webmail quota bar.png

How do I free up space on Shaw Webmail?
Remove emails. There's no other way than to clear emails from the server. You can either delete unwanted emails or export your mailbox using the export feature in preferences and then deleting old emails.

Does deleting an email remove it from the server?
Yes, Shaw Webmail is a server-based client, so anything deleted from Shaw Webmail is being deleted from the server.

Can I increase my Shaw Webmail storage?
At this time you cannot increase your storage. Shaw Webmail comes with 1000MB of space for each email address you register.

Once I clean up my mail quota, will I get my emails again?
Yes! Once the client can store the email again it will be able to receive new messages.

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