Learn how to set Parental Controls with Shaw Home. Turn on Parental Controls to reduce the risk of accessing objectionable websites and apps, and enable protective search settings for Google, Bing and YouTube

Setting Parental Controls

Parental Control settings will apply to all devices in a selected profile. Ensure that only the desired devices are assigned to the selected profile. You can create multiple profiles if needed.

  1. Open Shaw Home (mobile app or webportal).
  2. Select the Profile you want to set Parental Controls for. 



  3. Scroll down to Profile Preferences and select Edit next to Parental Controls.



  4. Select On to apply Parental Control settings to all devices within the profile. Select Apply Changes to save your settings.



Devices in the selected profile now have a reduced risk of accessing objectionable websites and apps, and have protective search settings enabled for Google, Bing, and YouTube.


Note: Content that was already accessed on a device may be cached and still accessible on that device for up to 24 hours.

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