Learn how to navigate and use BlueCurve Home. Navigating the menu options in BlueCurve Home is similar whether you're using the mobile app or web portal. 


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Menu navigation

BlueCurve Home features are organized into five main sections, plus the Notification Center. Menu navigation controls are at the bottom on the mobile app, or at the top on the web portal.

Navigation Controls

  • Overview - View your WiFi name/password and network activity, troubleshoot connection issues and more.
  • People - Create user profiles and organize your devices by the people who use them.
  • Devices - View all of the connected devices in your home and devices that have previously connected over the past six months.
  • Network - View and change your WiFi name or password and network security settings, check the connection status of your BlueCurve Gateway and Pods (if available), and access your Gateway's advanced settings.
  • More - Troubleshoot connectivity issues, find answers to frequently asked questions, and view video tutorials.
  • Notification Center - View real-time notifications about your home network and manage your notification preferences. Notification Center is accessed by a button at the top-left on the mobile app, or top-right on the web portal.

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Menu details


Your BlueCurve Home landing page.This is where you can view the status of your Internet connection (whether your Gateway is online or offline), view/change your WiFi name/password, view home network activity information and access quick troubleshooting steps.

BlueCurve Home app: Overview Section



Create user profiles for the people in your home to easily control and keep track of everyone's devices. Learn more about personalizing your home network with BlueCurve Home

BlueCurve Home app: People Section



Organize the devices connected to your home WiFi network, give them nicknames and choose icons for easier identification. Learn more about personalizing your home network with BlueCurve Home.

BlueCurve Home app: Devices Section



View and manage your WiFi name and password and your security settings. View the connection status for your network devices, including your Gateway and your Pods (if available). Access advanced settings to update your Gateway's technical configurations, such as radio settings or port forwarding. Learn more about advanced settings in BlueCurve Home..

BlueCurve Home app: Network Section



Activate a Shaw device like BlueCurve Pods, or sign out of the BlueCurve Home app. Use the Help section to access tools such as Gateway restart, FAQ, and help articles to learn more about BlueCurve Home and address common issues with your home network.

BlueCurve Home app: More Section BlueCurve Home app: Help Section


Notification Center

Access the Notification Center by clicking on the speech bubble icon (top-left corner if using the BlueCurve Home mobile app, or top-right corner if using the web portal.

View real-time notifications about your home network, including when your WiFi password has been changed or when a new device has connected to your network. Manage your notification preferences. Learn more about viewing and managing notifications in BlueCurve Home.

BlueCurve Home app: Notification Center


BlueCurve Pods activation

Pods can be activated in a few easy steps with the assistance of BlueCurve Home. Visit Setting up and activating BlueCurve Pods to lean more.

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