Low Upload Speeds??

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So currently Shaw has low upload speeds. You have to dig to even find out what you are going to be getting for an upload speed with your account.  Even with Shaw 600 you will only get an upload of "up to" 20MB 


You have to go here to compare as they don't even tell you your upload speed on their order pages.  Upload speeds on cable internet is determined by the DOCSIS technology that is being used.  In most cases I believe that Shaw is running DOCSIS 3.1 for all Bluesky customers.  This technology Allows for almost matching download and upload speeds.  If you also have issue with the low upload speeds please add yourself to this discussion.  It would be better if you are having a problem with your upload speeds to check other discussions to see if you can get your specific problem dealt with.  https://community.shaw.ca/community/forums/internet-forum  you can search or post your problem in the forums.

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Re: Low Upload Speeds??


if you want 125 uploads, they have to subscribe to a business plan, it more mone which is more money unfortunely.  it what it is. 

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