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I have been on hold with Shaw for over 12hrs over the last two days. I need to disconnect my service but the only way is over the phone since all main stores are closed due to corona virus isolation. I am being forced to pay for a service I no longer want because Shaw doesn’t have a phone short cut for service cancellations. I am in line with hundreds of people that are probably having technical difficulties, and I need a 2 minute phone service to cancel. This is the worst service I have ever experienced with any service ever. I understand they are transitioning workers to home or whatever but there are many ways that this could be handled better. I was in a thirty minute wait over four and half hours ago. Still waiting... 

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I am very sorry for the long waits. With everything going...


@Billsta I am very sorry for the long waits. With everything going on currently, we're a little behind so your patience is very much appreciated! Our teams are doing their best in responding to everyone as quickly as possible.

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