What is going on with shaws wifi   before they came out with were blue sky wifi pods

We had no problem watching youtube even at 4k or nitflix  now e cant watch youtube at 720p woth out it buffing

and netfilx for get it  watch 5 minutes of a movie  and watch it buff for 10

I say shaw turn down the wifi so they can sell more pods  i hate show from there crappy high pings 

for get gaming on show now there wifi sucks

And when you try to talk to them it all ways on your end never theres 

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Re: wifi


Hey buzz2019,

Thank you for reaching out. We do not have any direct control of WiFi speeds and they are subject to WiFi interference, I will recommend checking out the steps here to optimize your WiFi experience. If the issues continue, it may be a faulty modem or something else causing issues. At that point, I'd recommend touching base with technical support so they can investigate further and schedule a service technician to your home.


Tony | Community Mod.

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