Scenario: You are not receiving a dial tone on any of your Shaw home phones and are looking to troubleshoot the issue.

Quick Answer:

  1. Check that the phone cable connection is correctly connected to the back of your DPT.
  2. Check that your Digital Phone Terminal (DPT) is connected to power – the first light on your DPT, if lit, will indicate it is powered on.
  3. Check to see if your DPT is online. Look at the front of your DPT and confirm that the power light is lit and that the DS, US, and Online lights are solid.
  4. If these lights are flashing (off and on) please reset the DPT using the pin-hole RESET button located on the back of the DPT.
  5. If still having issues, contact us for further troubleshooting.


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Did You Know

Not having a dial tone on your phone could mean that your Digital Phone Terminal (DPT) is not connected to a power source. If there are no lights on the front of your DPT, confirm that the power cable is connected on both ends, to the rear of the DPT and to a functioning power source.


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