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BlueCurve in Bridge Mode, Firewall active?



I am running the Bluecurve in Bridge mode to 2 Soho Routers (two public IP addresses). I'm struggling to get my Domain name to link to my server and I'm wondering if the Firewall is still active in Bridge mode. I assume its not but I am also unable to access any UI of the Bluecurve while its in Bridge mode to confirm in fact its not. I've also tried teh Shaw Home App which simply indicates the router is in Bridge Mode.

Question 1) Is it possible the Firewall is still running?

Question 2) Is there a way to access the Bluecurve UI while the Router is in Bridge Mode? (hooking directly to the Bluecurve with my PC?, then will work?)

Question 3) is there a way to rule out the Bluecurve as the culprit? 


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