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Disconnection Issues with XB6 Modem


I am on Shaw 300 Internet, I switched over from Shaw 150.

Upon switching I had to get the new router/modem the Arris XB6.

I have had no issues with speeds whatsoever (like many others had had in the forums)

My issue is me getting micro disconnections from the internet, specifically while I am gaming on my PC with a wired connection.

I have reached out to shaw, and read a ton of the forums and tried multiple things to resolve the issue.

Shaw has confirmed the signal coming to my house is strong, and my speeds reflect that, but the random disconnections are killing me.

I've tried:

- Toggling bridged Vs. Not Briged

- Toggling MoCA on and off

- Running a reserved IP for the connection to my PC

The thing about this issue is it's not consistent at all, I will go days with out any issues and then get hit hard with many disconnects in a row knocking me out of my online games which has been very frustrating.

I have seen some posts saying that it is an issue with the XB6 itself, though Shaw will not even confirm that others are having any issues when asked about it, I have also seen posts about getting a Tech to switch the modem out for a new one.

I am not sure what else I can try, but I really wish I had stuck with internet 150 at this point.

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