Learn how to record TV shows on your PVR with this recording overview for Motorola Digital Boxes using the (Legacy Shaw) HD Guide platform. We offer a selection of Digital Boxes that can record live television so you can watch your favourite shows when it's most convenient for you. With your Digital Box, you can also rewind and pause live television, schedule a recording, and extend the time of a recording. Continue reading to find out more about how to use your PVR.

Note: Motorola and Pace PVRs use the Classic Guide.

How to rewind and pause live television

When you tune in to any channel, your PVR will automatically begin a background recording, so if you would like to replay something that just happened live, the automatic buffer will be waiting. 

Rewind: To rewind live TV, simply press the REW 153524_pastedImage_9 button on your Shaw Remote. This will begin to reverse playback, and you can press REW 153525_pastedImage_10 repeatedly to increase the speed at which the PVR will rewind. Below is an example of the on-screen graphic which displays your progress with REW active. The blue area indicates how much of the program is available for review (extent of the buffer).


Stop rewinding: To stop rewinding and start playing the recording, simply press the OK or PLAY 153526_pastedImage_22 button on your remote.



Fast forward: If you have rewound too far, you can fast forward in the timeline to such a point that the playback has matched live TV. To fast forward in a recording, press the FFWD  153528_pastedImage_23 button on your Shaw Remote

Pause and resume play: If you would like to pause live TV, just press the PAUSE 153529_pastedImage_24 button on your remote control. Conversely, to resume playback after pausing, press the PLAY 153530_pastedImage_29 button.



Please note: If you change the channel at any time, the automatic buffer will reset and begin recording the new and now active channel, and as such you will be unable to immediately begin rewinding the playback.

How to record live television

Watching a program that you would like to save for later? If you would like to learn how to record live television, follow the instructions below.

  1. At any time while watching TV you can press the OK button on your remote and choose Record Program to begin recording the program until it is finished (or until you cancel the recording). To view the expanded options featured below, press the RIGHT 153533_pastedImage_41 on your remote before pressing OK. 153534_hdguidepvr03-record01


  2. Once you have initiated the recording, you will see this onscreen confirmation: 153535_hdguidepvr04-record02


  3. Unlike the simple live buffer explained above, recording a television show will add it to your list of available recordings, stored on the hard drive built into your PVR, so that you can watch it as many times as you like. It will automatically end when the program is scheduled to end (as described in the Guide). For example, if you choose to record a program that runs from 7 to 8 PM, the recording will automatically stop at 8 PM. To view your list of available recordings, press the MENU button on your remote and then select Recordings (as shown below). 153536_hdguidepvr05-record03


  4. You will now be presented with your PVR Listings screen which displays all of your available recordings in a list below with specific program information on the left and an indication of how much space has been used on your PVR's hard drive on the right side of the screen. 153537_hdguidepvr06-record04


  5. Using the UP/DOWN 153538_pastedImage_63 on your remote, select the program you wish to control and press OK. You will see the following menu appear and offer a series of options that can be selected via the OK button on your remote. 153539_hdguidepvr07-record05


  6. If you would like to cancel an active recording, press the STOP 153540_pastedImage_76 button twice. A menu will appear on the screen. Highlight Change Recording Options and press the RIGHT 153541_pastedImage_86 button on your remote to view the options for this recording. From the menu that appears, select Stop Recording (shown below).

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How to schedule an upcoming recording

One of the best features of a PVR-enabled Digital Box is the ability to set a recording time for a future program. To schedule an upcoming program to be recorded:

  1. Simply locate that program in the Guide (you can use the RIGHT 153544_pastedImage_96 arrow button to move forward in the Guide listing) and, while it is highlighted, press the OK button on your remote.
  2. From the menu which appears, highlight Record Program and press RIGHT 153544_pastedImage_96 to view the expanded options.
  3. As seen below, choose OK - Record with these options and press OK153546_hdguidepvr09-schedule01


  4. You will now see that the program you selected has been marked with a red dot, indicating it has been defined for a future recording. 153547_hdguidepvr10-schedule02


  5. To cancel an upcoming recording: Simply navigate to the program in the guide and press OK to load the menu for this recording. Select Change Recording Options and, from the menu that appears, select Cancel Recording.

Did you know?  The Motorola DCT-3510 can set custom start and end times for your recording and allow for the eventualities of late starting or overrunning programs.  Learn more: Equipment Info: Shaw Motorola TV box (DCX3510-M)

How to extend the time of a recording

If your planned recording will likely start early or run late, you can extend the PVR recording time to include the extra minutes. This feature can be enabled when you create a new recording and is available for both single program recordings and series recordings on the HD Guide.

To extend the time of a recording, select your desired program from the guide and press record, then follow these steps:

  1. Select Record Program or Record Series.
  2. From the menu that appears on the right, select either Start 0 minutes early or End 0 minutes late (see below). 153549_hdguidepvr11-extend01


  3. You will now have the option of starting the recording earlier (max five minutes) or ending the recording later (max two hours). Select your desired extension amount and press OK153550_hdguidepvr12-extend02


  4. When finished with the recording options, select OK - Record with these options.

How to delete a recording

To delete a recording, follow these instructions:

  1. Select your desired program from the PVR Listings screen (showing all your recorded programs).
  2. In the menu, select Delete this Recording (shown below).  153552_delete


  3. Confirm whether you want to delete the recording by pressing OK.



Recording icons and recording management icons

Here is a look at the recordings icons for the HD Guide PVR:

Individual recording Series recording


Scheduled, individual

Scheduled, series

Program scheduled to record.

Active, individual

Active, series

Actively recording or previously recorded program.

Not recorded, individual

Not recorded, series

Program was not recorded - This could be due to a number of reasons, including duplicate recordings.

Conflict, individual

Conflict, series

Recording schedule conflict - More than two programs may be scheduled to record at the same time. Check your recording schedule and adjust where necessary.

Missing, individual

Missing, series

Scheduled program is missing - Check your TV listings to ensure this program has not been moved to another time.


Recording management icons

Complete recording

Interrupted recording


Full, complete

Full, interrupted

Your hard drive is almost full. Based on your settings, this program will soon be automatically deleted to make room for additional recordings.

Protected, complete

Protected, interrupted

This recording has been protected from automatic deletion.


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