Otherwise known as 'Click to Add', BlueCurve TV now lets you order and subscribe to select channels right from your BlueCurve TV Player. Just find the channel or On Demand content you want, select Subscribe, and you'll be watching in no time!

Available channels

Order your channels straight from your BlueCurve TV Player and receive access to their On Demand content too!

Whether it's that package you've had your eye on, like Crave + Movies + HBO or STARZ, or that On Demand content that caught your attention, like Anime On Demand, customize your viewing experience in just a few clicks. You can even add that channel you've been waiting to test out, like WWE Network - don't worry, you can still customize your Parental Controls on your BlueCurve TV Player

Scroll through the 150+ available channels or find them through your My Shaw website or App.

For easy access and instant subscription online, see How to: Order channels with My Shaw.

The channels will be available 10 minutes after subscription so sit back & enjoy!

How to order

To order an available channel from your BlueCurve TV Player, simply find the channel or content you want, and choose Subscribe. You can do this by browsing the Guide, tuning directly to a channel, or by finding content in the BlueCurve TV On Demand store.

Order from the Guide

  1. Find an available channel in the BlueCurve TV Guide.
  2. Highlight the channel and press Info on your remote.
  3. Choose Subscribe to place your order.


Click to Add BlueCurve TV TV Guide.png


Order by tuning directly to an available channel

  1. Tune to an available channel (by voice or channel number).
  2. A message will pop up with a description and price for the channel.
  3. Choose Subscribe to place your order.


Click to Add BlueCurve TV Direct Tune.png


Order from the On Demand store

  1. Find On Demand content by searching or browsing for it.
  2. Highlight the show you want. A Subscribe option will show up for available channels.
  3. Choose Subscribe to place your order.


Click to Add BlueCurve TV On Demand.png


Once your order has been placed, the channel will start working on your TV within a few minutes. If it's been more than five minutes and the channel isn't on yet, please contact us for assistance.


  • When ordering, the regular price of a channel will be quoted, and if accepted, will be the charge shown on your bill.
  • After ordering, charges will appear on your bill starting in your next billing cycle.
  • Charges will continue as a monthly recurring fee for as long as you stay subscribed to the channel(s).
  • If you want to unsubscribe from a channel, please contact us for assistance.

Parental controls

  • Ordering channels from your BlueCurve TV Player can be restricted using parental controls.
  • When you have a Purchase PIN set up, it will be required to order a channel.
  • To learn how to set a Purchase PIN, read How To: Use BlueCurve TV Parental Controls.

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