Learn how to use the YouTube Kids app on BlueCurve TV. YouTube Kids is a child-friendly service specifically designed for kids which makes it easier for children and parents to find the content they are interested in. BlueCurve TV provides a version of the service-oriented towards children, with curated selections of content and parent control features.

How to access YouTube Kids on BlueCurve TV

The YouTube Kids app and content is visible to all BlueCurve TV customers. To access and watch YouTube Kids on BlueCurve TV, it is required to have:

  • Shaw Internet Service
    • Shaw Internet service is required because YouTube content is streamed to BlueCurve TV over the Internet, and YouTube usage will count toward your monthly Internet usage.

You can access the YouTube Kids app on BlueCurve TV by voice command, or via the Apps menu.

  • With the BlueCurve TV voice remote, say "YouTube Kids"
    • Note: Voice commands may be used to launch the YouTube Kids app, but are disabled while using the app itself.
  • From the BlueCurve TV Apps menu:
    1. Open the BlueCurve TV Apps menu with the Shaw button on your remote, or the "Apps" voice command.
    2. Select YouTube Kids to open the YouTube Kids app.



YouTube Kids content

The YouTube Kids app is divided into four content categories. The categories feature curated selections of content from channels deemed appropriate for children. There's also an Explore section which offers a more broad selection of content.

Use the right and left arrows on your BlueCurve TV remote to browse the categories.


This category only appears after you've watched a video in the YouTube Kids app


















How to search for videos

Search settings can be changed by selecting the Lock icon at the top-right in the YouTube Kids app.

  • Turning search on allows your child to search for new content on their own.
  • Turning search off limits your child to videos on the home screen.

How to change turn search on or off in the YouTube Kids app

  1. Select the Lock icon at the top-right in the YouTube Kids app 169393_pastedImage_5


  2. The Settings menu is displayed
  3. Select the Search icon 169400_pastedImage_8


  4. A prompt is displayed to confirm that you'd like to turn search off or on
  5. Select OK to confirm



How to set Parental Controls

Parental controls can be set on BlueCurve TV to restrict access to certain areas of the YouTube Kids app. To access parental control settings for YouTube Kids on BlueCurve TV.

  1. Press the Shaw button on your BlueCurve TV remote control
  2. Select the Settings cog on the right
  3. Select Parental Controls
  4. Select Application Locks
  5. Select YouTube Kids

Learn More: BlueCurve TV - Parental Controls

Mobile app vs. BlueCurve TV app 

The YouTube Kids app on BlueCurve TV has a few key differences and limitations when compared to the YouTube Kids app on a mobile device (i.e. accessed from your phone or tablet).

Sign in

  • The mobile app allows a parent to sign in with their Google account. On BlueCurve TV, there is no option to sign in to your Google account on the YouTube Kids app.

Voice Search

  • The mobile app supports voice search. Voice search in the YouTube Kids app via the BlueCurve Voice Remote is not supported.

Time Limit

  • On the mobile app, the built-in timer lets parents limit screen time by telling kids when it’s time to stop watching. The timer will display a friendly alert and stop the app when the session is over, so you don’t have to. The BlueCurve TV app doesn’t support this feature.

Create a Profile

  • The mobile application allows signed in parents to create a separate profile for each child in their household. Each profile has a separate set of viewing preferences and recommendations, allowing multiple kids to get the most out of the YouTube Kids app. The BlueCurve TV version doesn’t support this feature.

Additional Support & Troubleshooting

Find resources below for fixing common problems with YouTube on BlueCurve TV, getting support with your YouTube account, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions


YouTube Support

Visit http://www.youtube.com/help to find support resources for the YouTube app and service.

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