Wondering if you can change your dynamic IP address?  Your Shaw modem is assigned a dynamic IP address automatically, which we cannot change by request.

Points to consider

  • While your IP address is dynamic, it is meant to stay the same for a long period of time, and may never change. Changes or maintenance to our network can result in having a new IP address assigned, but there is no set time for this to occur.
  • Network device changes in your home, such as using Bridge Mode or IP Passthrough with a third party router, may also result in having a new IP address assigned.
  • Shaw cannot manually change your IP address by request.

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Find additional details by visiting How To: Set your wireless modem to Bridge Mode

Did you know?

If you use a third party router in addition to your Shaw modem, you may experience complications with your Internet service. This is referred to as Double NAT (Network Address Translation).

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