If you would like to connect and set up your Shaw WiFi modem with a third party networking device such as a router (a configuration known as "Bridged Mode") follow these instructions.

To update your WiFi modem to a Bridge mode, you will need to contact us to turn bridge mode “on”. If you have already done so: 

  1. Connect the coax cable (TV cable) from a wall outlet to the Cable In connection on your modem.
  2. Connect the modem to a wall outlet using the power cable.
  3. Connect your third-party router (or similar device) by connecting the Ethernet cable from one of the ports on the back of the Shaw modem to the Internet port on your third-party router or other device).
  4. With your modem online and connected to your router, follow the setup and connection process for your third-party device.


Learn more: How to connect a modem in bridged mode with a third-party router

Did You Know: Converting your modem to Bridge Mode for use with a third party networking device like a router requires a system update by a Shaw agent. You will need to contact us to turn bridged mode on.


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