We’ve upgraded the Rogers WiFi Hotspots experience to make it more secure for iOS users. In February of 2023, some devices will change how certificates are processed. This means that most iOS devices connected to the ShawPasspoint network prior to August 2022 will lose connectivity, and the majority will connect to the RogersOpen network.

In order to continue connecting automatically to ShawPasspoint, the profile on the device will need to be overwritten.

Learn more: About the ShawPasspoint SSID

How to update your iOS profile

To update your profile, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Online Registration Portal
  2. Log-in with your Shaw ID.
  3. Name your device and accept the Terms of Use.
  4. Tap Submit Device Registration.
    • If you have exceeded device limits you will be prompted to replace an existing device.
  5. Tap Download Profile and accept the download.
  6. Access your device Settings.
  7. Select General > VPN & Device Management.
  8. Tap the new profile and proceed with the installation.

Your old profile will be overwritten and you will now connect to the ShawPasspoint network automatically the next time you are within range of a hotspot.

What happens if I don't update my iOS profile?

The majority of our customers will continue to connect to the RogersOpen network, but if your device has not been registered for the RogersOpen network, you can follow the steps below to connect:

  1. Visit a nearby hotspot
  2. Access your device Settings.
  3. Select Connection/Wi-Fi.
  4. Select the RogersOpen network from your available networks.
  5. Log in with your Shaw ID.
  6. Follow the prompts to finish registering your device for Rogers WiFi Hotspots.

Your device will now automatically connect to the RogersOpen network when you are within range of a hotspot.

ShawPasspoint Profile FAQS

What is a profile on iOS?
A profile (Configuration Profile on iOS) loads settings and authorization information onto a device. In short, it allows us to easily register your device to connect to the ShawPasspoint network.

Why do I need to update my profile?
Due to a change in how profiles operate with our network, we need to update your profile to the latest version to ensure you continue to connect automatically to the ShawPasspoint network.

What happens if I didn’t update my profile?
If you did not update your profile by February 2023, your iOS device will lose access to the ShawPasspoint network. You will need to re-register your device in order to gain access again.

When do I need to update my profile?
You needed to have updated your profile by February 2023 in order to continue accessing the ShawPasspoint network, otherwise, as of March 1, 2023, you will need to re-register your device.

Why are my other devices registered for Rogers WiFi Hotspots not affected?
Only iOS devices that have downloaded a profile need to update their profile.

Does this affect my Shaw Mobile device?
No, only iOS devices registered under your Shaw Internet account that have downloaded a profile for connectivity are affected.

How do I know if my profile needs to be updated?
Your profile needs to be updated if you meet the following criteria:

  • You are a Shaw Internet customer.
  • You have registered an iOS device for Rogers WiFi Hotspots prior to August 2022.

What happens to my old profile?
The new profile will overwrite your old profile.

Will I need to update my profile again in the future?
As device manufacturers change and update the way devices work, we may need to update your profile again in the future but we will be sure to provide you ample time and instructions for how to do so.

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