As a Shaw Internet customer, you have complimentary access to Shaw Go WiFi — a network of over 100,000 WiFi hotspots across Western Canada. The Shaw Go WiFi Finder app (Apple | Android) will help you find hotspots near you.

How to register devices

You'll need to register a device before you can connect it to the Shaw Go WiFi network. Depending on your Internet service with Shaw, you can register between 3 and 10 devices to auto-connect.

Find out how to register:

How to find WiFi hotspots

To find a hotspot, either:

How to connect to WiFi hotspots

Registered devices will automatically connect to the network anytime you enter a Shaw Go WiFi hotspot. If your device doesn't, find the network Shaw Open in your list of available WiFi networks.

If you're having issues connecting to Shaw Go WiFi or would like to suggest a new hotspot location, read the support article Shaw Go WiFi FAQs.

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