Learn about the differences between Shaw Go WiFi, ShawOpen, and the ShawPasspoint technologies. Shaw Go WiFi allows you to stay connected no matter where you are through our WiFi network, and the name of the network may change based on your device, or which service you have with Shaw.

About Shaw Go WiFi

Shaw Go WiFi is Canada’s largest WiFi network which provides access for Shaw Internet and Shaw Mobile customers while near a hotspot. Shaw Go WiFi is also available to guests to register their device for a seven-day complimentary trial.

You can register to automatically connect Apple devices with iOS 8 or newer using our Get Started page. For all other devices visit your nearest hotspot and select ShawOpen from the list of available WiFi networks to complete your registration.

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About ShawOpen and other SSIDs


ShawOpen and ShawPasspoint are the two network names you will most often see when connecting to Shaw Go Wifi. If you have Shaw Mobile you may also see that you are connected to ShawMobileHotSpot when using Shaw Go WiFi.

If Shaw Go WiFi was a city, these networks would be the highways. The network (or SSID) is how you access the service and is what you will see that your device is connecting to. 

The network that your device will connect to will change based on which device you have, most Apple devices will connect to ShawPasspoint, and most other devices will connect to ShawOpen.  These are not the names of the service, but just the various names of the network (SSID).

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