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How To: Navigate the BlueCurve Home app

Learn how to navigate and use BlueCurve Home. Navigating the menu options in BlueCurve Home is similar whether you're using the mobile app or web portal. Menu navigation Menu details Menu navigation BlueCurve Home features are organized into four mai... Read more

BlueCurve Home FAQ - Downtime Scheduler

Find frequently asked questions about how the downtime scheduler works in BlueCurve Home. Downtime scheduler FAQ What is the downtime scheduler and how does it work? Downtime scheduler is a feature in BlueCurve Home that allows you to automatically p... Read more

How To: Set a downtime schedule with BlueCurve Home

With the downtime scheduler in BlueCurve Home, you can automatically pause internet access on a schedule that works for your home. Set a schedule for bedtime, homework, dinner, or anytime you want. Up to four schedules can be set per day of the week.... Read more

How to setup Active Time Limits with BlueCurve Home

Learn how to setup Active Time Limits with BlueCurve Home. An Active Time Limit provides awareness of how long a profile is active on your home network, to help your family promote healthy Internet usage habits. When enabled, you will be notified whe... Read more

About: BlueCurve Pods

BlueCurve Pods are WiFi extenders that work with your BlueCurve Gateway and BlueCurve Home app. They ensure wall-to-wall WiFi coverage in any home, and are easily activated on your home network using the BlueCurve Home app. Pods are designed to provi... Read more

How to fix BlueCurve Pods offline

Learn how to fix BlueCurve Pods going offline on your home WiFi network. When a Pod goes offline, it will cause the mesh WiFi network to be incomplete and leave gaps or dead spots in the home. Follow the steps below to bring your Pods back online. Ho... Read more

How to manage BlueCurve Pods on your home network

Learn how to manage BlueCurve Pods on your home network. Pods can be renamed or removed at any time using BlueCurve Home. This can be helpful if you're troubleshooting or relocating a Pod to a different spot in your home. How to rename BlueCurve Pods... Read more

How To: Set up and activate BlueCurve Pods

BlueCurve Pods work with your BlueCurve Gateway, and can activated with ease using the BlueCurve Home app. When you first get your Pods, they can be activated together as a set, or individually at a later time. Getting started Activating your Pods Vi... Read more

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