If you have a Shaw Digital Home Phone Terminal (DPT) and are having issues with the phone and need to reset the phone:

  1. Locate your Digital Phone Terminal (either a Motorola SBV5220 or an Arris TM602)
  2. Locate the small hole labelled "REBOOT EMTA" or "Reset" on the back of the DPT (see image below for Motorola SBV5220 Digital phone Terminal)
  3. Using a pin, push the button located at the base of this hole for 20 seconds.
  4. You will see the lights on the modem begin to flash as the system resets. Wait 5-10 minutes for the DPT to come online (Power, DS, US, and Online lights will stop flashing and return to a solid-state to indicate an online status)
  5. Check your phones for a functioning dial tone.


Shaw Digital Home Phone - Pin Hole Reset


Learn more: How to perform a DPT pin-hole reset

Did You Know: You can find additional Shaw Home Phone troubleshooting tips with our Home Phone Frequently Asked Questions.



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