As part of our ongoing effort to upgrade our network and make future enhancements to our TV and Internet offerings, we are retiring several TV boxes in select areas of Calgary, Edmonton, and Vancouver as of October 31, 2023.

If you use any of the TV boxes listed below, you may have received a call, email and/or an invoice message from us to discuss this change and hardware replacement options. The great news is, this means you have qualified for the best TV experience—Ignite TV.

Please contact us to upgrade your equipment and discuss your installation options.

Frequently asked questions

Why is this TV equipment no longer going to be supported?

  • We’re upgrading our network so that we can provide you with the best TV and Internet experience possible. Removing older hardware from our network makes room for updated technology and new features.
  • To learn more about your TV Hardware upgrade options and to avoid any interruption to your services, please contact us.

How can I access TV programming if my TV box is no longer working?

  • Please contact us, and we can work with you to replace your TV box as soon as possible to ensure your service isn't interrupted.
  • If your services stop at the retirement date, you can still stream live TV on your mobile device or computer with the Ignite TV app until we're able to upgrade your device. Visit to learn more.

What should I do with my TV box when it is no longer working?

  • You are not required to return your TV box to us.
  • You can recycle it free of charge at most local electronic stores or landfill sites.

What are my options for upgrading my hardware?

  • We are pleased to offer you a complimentary upgrade to our best video hardware—
    Ignite TV. This is our best video platform and provides you with our voice remote, ability to search across all of your channels, and apps, an improved guide experience, and great kids and sports apps.

What about my recordings, will they be lost?

  • While we are not able to transfer your recordings to your new hardware, almost all of your past seasons and episodes should be available to you through us On-Demand.

TV boxes being retired

These TV boxes will be retired on October 31, 2023, only in select areas of Calgary, Edmonton, and Vancouver. 

Note: We're retiring these devices for select customers in the cities listed above. If you weren't contacted by us about hardware replacement options, you may continue to use your TV set-top box.


TV box model Retirement date

DCX 3400


October 31, 2023

DCX 3200-M


October 31, 2023

DCT 700


October 31, 2023

Learn more: For a full list of TV hardware that’s already been retired, click here.